Selected fine tamarind
from Petchabun province of Thailand
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Our Story

K.L. Interfood Co., Ltd. and K.C. Food & Beverage Co., Ltd. are the world’s largest group of companies that manufacture and export of all kind of tamarind products worldwide. In the year 2000, the founder discovered the uniqueness sweet taste of Thai tamarind fruits. We first introduced Thai sweet tamarind to the United States of America, followed by France as well as many other countries.

In the beginning, customers did not believe that the sweetness of Thai tamarind is natural taste. They thought that we put the artificial sweetness into tamarind. The sweetness and special aroma of Thai tamarind are due to the geographic of Phetchabun province. Tamarind trees planted in this area give natural sweet taste and special aroma. Until now, it is our pride that we can successfully promote this special delicious Thai sweet tamarind to more than 40 counties around the world.

Phetchabun province has its geographic compositions and topographic with steep terrain upland and lowland with mountains and forest. The weather varies throughout the year with cold in winter and warm in summer. In ancient time, this area was covered with volcano mountains, many of which erupted to produce volcanic ash and lava making this land riches with minerals. It is the only geographic and original place in the world that suitable for plantation of sweet tamarind trees giving the tamarind fruits with sweet flavor and high nutrition that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Our Tamarind Farm

Our tamarind farm covers over 800,000 square meters, located at Lomkao district of Phetchabun province which is suitable for planting of sweet tamarind and sour tamarind. The land is surrounded by mountains which rich with minerals such as potassium, phosphorus and calcium. In addition to the rich soil, the Pasak river supplies our farm with a sufficient amount of water all year round.

Thus, our tamarind fruits have sweet taste and strong aroma. The sweet tamarind varieties are Sithong, Kunti and Srichompoo. Our sweet tamarind has thick, juicy and chewy pulp filled with sweet flavor, while our sour tamarind has big size, thick pulp and has special sophisticated sour taste mix with a little bit sweet taste. Our farm is Global G.A.P. certified, guaranteeing that our farming process is up to international standard and chemical-free.

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