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We produce a variety of tamarind product. The first group is fresh tamarind in which we have both Sweet and Sour tamarind. To ensure the highest quality, we select only the big juicy pods. Our second group is Tamarind Paste with seed and without seed. Third group is processed tamarind which are Tamarind Ball, Glazed Tamarind and Tamarind Candy in many flavors. And our fourth group is Pickled Tamarind which are Dried Honey Tamarind and Tamarind in Syrup & Honey. We select large size sour tamarind pods, which go through pickling process with natural sugar resulting in crispy and delicious pickled tamarind.

Fresh Tamarind
Sweet Tamarind (Kunti)
Sweet Tamarind (Sithong)
Sour Tamarind
Sour Tamarind
Tamarind Paste
Tamarind Paste (Seedless)
Tamarind Paste Saline (with seed)
Processed Tamarind
Sweet Tamarind Peel Off Ready To Eat
Tamarind Ball
Sweet & Sour Glazed Tamarind
Plum Glazed Tamarind
Spicy Glazed Tamarind
Icing Glazed Tamarind
Savoury Tamarind
Sweet & Sour Tamarind (Spicy)
Sweet & Sour Tamarind
Sweet & Sour Tamarind (Plum)
Dried Tamarind Seedless
Tamarind ball Icing
Dried Sweet Tamarind
Chewy Tamarind Plum Flavor
Chewy Tamarind Spicy Flavor
Pickled Tamarind
Tamarind in Syrup & Honey
Dried Honey Tamarind
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