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We aim to manufacture and develop local agricultural products for optimal benefits to be known both domestically and globally, to improve organization, staffs and to support the sustainable living of local communities.


We commit to produce high-quality products.

Hygienic and safe.

Continue for product development & Innovation.

Create customer satisfaction.

Create sustainable living in communities.

K.C. Food and Beverage Co., Ltd. (Manufacturer)

K.C. Food & Beverage Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of all kind of tamarinds established in the year 2000 right in the heart of Lomkao district in Phetchabun. With long-time high experience, we are specialized and expertise for farming, manufacturing, trading and developing products for both sweet and sour tamarind. We produce wide range of tamarind products which are fresh tamarind both sweet and sour, tamarind paste, tamarind concentrate, processed tamarind, pickle tamarind and tamarind powder. Our products are carefully made with selected fine ripe tamarind fruit from Petchabun province. Our cool room facility can store 4,000 tons of tamarind on yearly basis. Ninety percent of tamarind products is exported through K.L. Interfood Co., Ltd. and the rest are sold locally.

We produce tamarind products with fresh tamarind from our Global G.A.P. certified farm. All tamarinds are treated with the steaming process before exporting worldwide. In order to maintain our uniqueness, we ensure that all of our employees are experts in this field. We put effort to inspect the quality of tamarinds before going through the high international production process standard GMP and HACCP. Our steaming process is used in order to get rid of any fungal spoilage and insects.

We continue to develop and add value to Thai sweet tamarind and sour tamarind products not only to generate more profits in the global market but also bring the benefits back to our community and generate income for local people in Phetchabun province of Thailand. We guarantee the quality of our tamarinds and hope to build life-long connection with our customers. Our product quality satisfies customers worldwide and continue to grow further.

Quality Assurance

We receive international certification from Thai FDA, USFDA, GMP, HACCP, Global G.A.P.,Thailand Trust Mark and Halal to ensure the international quality standard of our products. We can guarantee that our products are high quality, hygienic and ready to be distributed to customers around the world.

K.L. Interfood Co., Ltd. (Exporter)

K.L. Interfood Co., Ltd. is an exporter of tamarinds. We have been exported high quality and hygienic tamarind products manufactured from K.C. Food and Beverage Co., Ltd. since the year 2000 by exporting various kinds of tamarind products in many countries. We provide wide range of products which are Fresh Sweet Tamarind, Fresh Sour Tamarind, Tamarind Paste with seed and without seed, Tamarind Ball, Glazed Tamarind, Tamarind Candy, Dried Honey Tamarind, Tamarind in Syrup, Tamarind Concentrate and Tamarind Power under the brands Natcha, Rada, King Tamarind, Teddy Bear, Vrada, Tamarind Aroi and ICE brand around the world over 40 countries in various continents such as Europe, Middle East, Asia and North America. We focus on worldwide marketing and trading. With our marketing executive team, we can serve our customer’s requirements worldwide.

Export volume is more than 500 containers each year. Our products are well renowned brand in many countries. Both fresh sweet tamarind, sour tamarind and processed tamarind are well known. We have been receiving the warm reputation from around the world. The customer never stops asking for our tamarind products because of their natural sweet unique taste, the tangy flavor sour tamarind and the sophisticated flavor of our processed tamarind. We are proud to present our products worldwide with the commitment to serve customer satisfaction and responsible for the global environment.

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